Kay Winburn-Seale’s 320-page Cookbook

Our fellow classmate, Kay Seale (Winburn) has just finished writing the second edition of her cookbook. Good Cooking for Family and Friends. Following is her story about the work involved in creating it:

Kay Winvurn-Seale with cookbook

Kay Winburn-Seale with her 320-page cookbook

Kay wrote, “My original cookbook was completed 10 years ago. Richard, in the last few years, had really been after me to write a new one, but I just couldn’t commit myself to such a huge undertaking.

cookbook coverIn January, I finally got the bug to write the new edition. I committed myself thoroughly to do the job. I knew that it would be huge. And it was.

You can’t imagine how many hours it took me, Richard and Stephanie to get to the final product.

cookbook recipe


Making changes and adding new recipes makes this a much better cookbook than the original. After hours of painstaking work, of printing proof copies and editing, I finally got to the point of telling Richard that it was a “go.” We looked at each other, for reinforcement, and agreed that it was time. With 320 pages, we wanted no mistakes.

I have been able to “gift” the cookbook to family and friends–66 copies.

Whew, what a job.”

Although the cookbook isn’t sold commercially, Kay said she would make copies available to classmates for $18.00 each, which covers the cost of printing, punching and binding. The shipping cost is an additional $4.00. If you would like to purchase a copy, please leave a comment below and Kay will contact you with details.

Thank you,
Cheryl Dillard


Exploring Lake Havasu City

Exploring Lake Havasu City
by Cheryl Dillard

What’s there to do in and around Lake Havasu City? Not much, I thought, unless you have a boat, an off-road vehicle or some sturdy hiking boots.

When I passed through a couple years ago it was the middle of August and hotels were booked. It was sweltering and I couldn’t wait to get out of town.

This spring, when friends offered to let me stay at their seldom-used Havasu condo, I balked at the thought of spending more than one day at a place I was less than enamored with. However, my adventurous spirit won out and I decided to give it a try—a chance to explore some new territory.

I’m glad I did.

Lake Havasu sunset

Lake Havasu Sunset – Rotary Park – 2019

Not only are Havasu sunsets the most spectacular I’ve witnessed, the scenic jet boat ride through Topock Gorge was breathtaking. Fortunately I had packed my DSLR and several lenses.

Note: All photos on this blog post were shot with my cellphone.

Topock Gorge

Topock Gorge – 2019

And, much to my delight, I discovered some great homemade ice cream parlors and a brewery/restaurant next to the London Bridge that serves a killer burger and good draft beer. I also visited the small but very interesting historic center and a couple of local art galleries

Scoops Ice Cream Parlor

Scoops Ice Cream Parlor

Painted Rocks

Havasu Art Gallery

I’m a fair-weather, high-handicap golfer, but I love to play, so I did a Google search and found the Refuge Golf & Country Club, touted to have a beautiful and challenging course. My friend, Joni, and I played the “Nine and Dine” special— nine holes at $70 for two players including cart rental, loaner clubs and a $20 food coupon. What a bargain!

Refuge Golf Course - Cheryl

Me – Refuge Golf Course – 2019

The London Bridge Resort par 3, 9-hole course is fun if you want to work on your short game, but the dirt cart paths are full of ruts and potholes and the gas-powered golf carts could use some maintenance. Joni hit the throttle and almost launched me onto the fairway.

Bridgewater Channel Esplanade

Bridgewater Channel Esplanade

If chasing a ball around isn’t your thing and you’d rather be browsing through some shops or taking a leisurely walk, then you’ll enjoy the tree-lined esplanade under the London Bridge along the Bridgewater Channel. It’s a great place to watch the muscle boats parade back and forth in the canal and to shop for a souvenir. Joni and I ended up buying hats that we didn’t need from a handsome and very charming Aussie shop owner.

Bridgewater Channel Shops

Bridgewater Channel Shops


London Bridge - Lake Havasu

London Bridge – Lake Havasu – 2019

For nature lovers, there are several spots to sit and observe the diverse flora and fauna of the region. Lake Havasu State Park has a wonderful cactus garden and Rotary Park is a great place to enjoy a sunset or evening stroll along the lake. There’s also a huge skateboard/scooter park for the grandkids.

Havasu Cactus Blossoms

Havasu Cactus Blossoms

Without a doubt, the highlight of my stay was getting to visit with some Azusa High classmates who are now retired and full-time residents of Lake Havasu. I contacted each of them before I arrived to make sure they would be available.

Tom Johnson and his wife, Kay, picked me up for a lunch at Chili’s. Tom had been dieting in preparation for knee replacement surgery, but cheated big time by ordering a humongous platter of food. He said he’d resume his diet the next day, although he didn’t look like he needed to lose weight. After lunch they  drove me through some new housing developments on Havasu Island near the famous lighthouses, and then cruised around the original “Old Town” area of Havasu. Afterward they showed me their lovely home and swimming pool.

Kay and Tom Johnson

Kay and Tom Johnson – Lake Havasu – 2019

Tom and I ended up sitting in recliners facing each other at opposite ends of the living room. We’re both hard of hearing, with “what” being the most-used word of the day. Kay acted as our interpreter while Tom and I reminisced and caught up on the last 50 plus years. They showed me their engagement photo and some old photos of Tom in his LAPD uniform. A couple days later I followed Kay to her favorite gift shops and back to their home to take some photos for Tom’s upcoming bio.

Barbara and Dennis Smith - Lake Havasu 2019

Barbara and Dennis Smith – Lake Havasu 2019

Next, Dennis Smith and his wife, Barbara, took me to lunch at the Blue Chair restaurant overlooking the Bridgewater Channel. They both keep a busy schedule in their retirement years so I’m glad they could fit me in. Dennis is an avid bass fisher and most days can be found on the lake fishing from his boat. Dennis said he wouldn’t live in an area that didn’t have good bass fishing.

Barbara keeps busy making quilts with her quilting club and volunteering at the local library. They both donate their time training support dogs. Dennis heard from someone that I was a fisher and offered to teach me the art of catching bass. Unfortunately it was too windy most of time so I didn’t get to take him up on his offer. Hopefully, I’ll get the chance again.

Linda Templeton

Linda Templeton – Lake Havasu – 2019


I also spent time with Linda Templeton (Lindley), Azusa High Class of 1962. Linda’s beautiful three-story home overlooks a wildlife preserve and Lake Havasu. After watching horse racing on TV, we spent some time outside enjoying a light lunch, watching the doves and hummingbirds and taking in the panoramic view. Linda’s a collector of memorabilia, so it was fun seeing everything she’s saved over the years. She’s in the process of sorting photos and assembling family history scrapbooks. Over the next few days we ate burgers at Barley Brothers Brewery, attended the weekend swap meet, shopped at Dillard’s (not related, unfortunately) and watched The Mustang at a nearby movie theater.

Thoroughbred Colt

Thoroughbred – Future Race Horse

A few days after I left Lake Havasu, I met Linda at her 5th wheel RV in Rancho California, just in time for a blind wine tasting at her next-door-neighbors’ patio. The following day she took me on a tour of the nearby thoroughbred training ranch where she keeps her race horses.

I didn’t get a chance to see Don and Uta Funk while I was there. Hopefully, next time

As you can see, there’s plenty to do in Lake Havasu City— even more if you have friends who live there and can show you around. Should the opportunity arise to revisit the area, I wouldn’t hesitate.


5700 Miles

5700 Miles
by Joanne Srack Mead

Sounds like a song doesn’t it?  My housemate, Debbie, and I left our home in Palm Desert, CA on Wednesday, May 2 and got home Sunday May 20, 2018.  All lodging was arranged prior to our departure and there were no glitches with the reservations.  My Ford Edge performed magnificently and we had no problems to speak of.  Well, two to speak of: a cloud-to-cloud lightning storm with HUGE rain drops for 30 minutes in Tennessee and a semi that had a tire blow out in front of us. We covered 13 states trying to stay on I-40 going east and I-10 going west.  We stopped at many sites along the way. The Grand Canyon was the first main stop where the only picture I took there was that of the female elk eating the grass.20180503_102129_011She was easily the size of a large horse!  This was the first visit to the Grand Canyon for Debbie who was awestruck by the canyon. The Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert were next where we enjoyed the sight of the ancient logs turned into rocks and the lovely pink, mauve and gray sand hills.  On the way to Tucumcari, NM, we drove through Albuquerque and walked around Santa Fe. We truly enjoyed the lovely scenery throughout New Mexico.  Our next place for sightseeing was Mammoth Caves in Kentucky. Did you know that there are over 410 miles of caves there?  While in Tennessee, we took county roads to get on the road to Atlanta, I-24.  The lands of Tennessee were some of the prettiest we had seen. We stayed in Chattanooga, TN for two nights.  The first night we took a dinner cruise on the Tennessee River and the next day we walked through a cave on Outlook Mountain to Ruby Falls. 20180509_124335_001 We went to the Atlanta area to visit Debbie’s friends and family. On May 11 we went with her son to Stone Mountain which is a huge granite monolith with carvings of Civil War heroes on it.20180511_110700_078  We picked up the I-10 in Mobile, AL and when we got to Mississippi we stopped at a rest area/visitor center. Since it was Mother’s Day, May 12, the staff gave both of us handmade cards, some cookies and lemonade. We both thought that was very nice!  Our next stop was fantastic San Antonio! Our lodging had been the original city jail but made a great hotel.  We were able to walk to the Alamo 20180515_092915_004 and then strolled along the Riverwalk.  We took a tour boat on the river and ate lunch at a great Mexican restaurant there.  Have you ever had a baked avocado?  Debbie did and said it was great. Carlsbad Caverns was our next site to see. We walked the Big Room in Carlsbad Caverns which was wonderful. It was a 1.5 mile walk with various stalactites and stalagmite configurations lit up  Then we headed over the Sacramento mountains to get to White Sands National Park on I-70.  After doing the drive through the park, we headed for the I-10. In Tucson, AZ,  we wandered through the Saguaro National Monument. 20160621_165343 Thepicture is of the Visitor Center.  After stopping in Chandler, AZ to see my son and grandchildren, we headed on I-17 north.  We went to see Montezuma’s Castle which is a Pueblo Indian edifice built into the rock face of a cliff.

20160702_122044Then we went on through Sedona to I-40 and followed the signs to Laughlin, NV.  We stayed overnight at the Aquarius Casino and were home by 3 PM.  Whew!  Lots of driving but I enjoy being behind the wheel and Debbie was a great navigator.  One word of advice – when going to national parks, be sure to always see the films available at the visitor centers.  Every one was well done and full of very interesting information. Picture below – Joanne Srack Mead on the left and Debbie Tuttle on the right.


AHS ’61 El Dorado Park Golf Tournament

On April 3 Chuck and Nita Hardin hosted a golf tournament and BBQ for Azusa High Class of ’61 golfers and guests. The tournament was held at the El Dorado Park Golf Course in Long Beach, California. Afterward, the tired and hungry golfers and non-golfers enjoyed some delicious Naples’ BBQ ribs at the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club where Chuck and Nita are members. It was also Hank Garcia’s birthday, so Nita baked him a yummy cake.

Dave Hartley introduced his new bride, Betty, to the group and she ended up getting an award for the longest drive, ladies’ division. Quite an impressive introduction. Way to go, Betty!

All of the golfers had a good time. The weather was cool and dry– a perfect day for golf– and the course was both beautiful and challenging.

Tournament winners are as follows:

Winning team: Joey Martinez (captain), Bob O’Connor, Kathy Eby and Jim Jernigan.
Longest drive, men: Jim Jernigan
Longest drive, ladies: Betty Hartley
Closest to pin: Dave Hartley

Winning Team – Joe Martinez (captain), Bob O’Connor, Kathy Eby and Jim Jernigan


IMG_0836.Longest Drive, Men – Jim Jernigan

IMG_0846.Longest Drive, Ladies – Betty Hartley and Closest to Pin – Dave Hartley

Team 1 – Joe Martinez, Bob O’Connor, Jim Jernigan, Kathy Eby

IMG_1783Team 2 – Betty Hartley, Louis Mason, Hank Garcia, Dick Bessire, Jeff Eby

IMG_1792Team 3 – Dave Hartley, Butch Lightfoot, Frank Perez, Chuck Hardin, Rich McDowell

IMG_1775AHS Class of 1961 Golfers – El Dorado Park Golf Course, Long Beach, CA – 4/3/2017

Hank Garcia with his birthday cake

Golf Tournament BBQ – Alamitos Bay Yacht Club – Long Beach, CA – April 3, 2017

Thanks to Chuck Hardin and Richard Montes for the great photos.

NEWS: Richard Rubio had to back out of the tournament early due to a nasty virus that landed him in the hospital. He’s now undergoing rehab therapy and hopes to soon be back on the golf course. We wish him a speedy recovery.

The next golf tournament will probably take place in the fall. The golf course location and host(s) are yet to be determined.




Carol Ladewig’s Artwork on Display

Carol Ladewig has just announced that her new artwork will be included in the upcoming Kala Auction. This sounds like a fun event and a great way to support our fellow classmate, Carol, and the Kala Art Institute. Carol will also be featured in a CCA News article this spring and she’ll be participating in East Bay Open Studios in early June.


New work + Kala Auction

New Work & Kala Auction

Am proud to be included in this year’s Kala Auction.
The work above, Memories, 2016, Prismacolor pencil, acrylic/gouache on wood panels,
14 x 14 x 2 Inches, a variation of Painting Days, is part of this year’s Auction.

The online auction catalog is at http://www.kala.org/kala_auction/


2016 is off to an exciting start with a new Year in Color project
and several related studio projects.

Am pleased to announce that I will be included in the CCA news this Spring, in the “Notes From the Studio” article.

Will be participating in East Bay Open Studios this year, the first weekend:  June 4 & 5 (more information to follow) The online catalog is now available at https://ebos.proartsgallery.org/

Kay Winburn Seale – 50th Anniversary River Cruise: A Travelogue

Celebrating our 50th wedding Anniversary
Richard’s 74th Birthday
November 1, 2015
AMA Waterways Boat Cruise
From Prague, Czech Republic to
Paris, on October 24, 2015 to
November 6, 2015

One week to the day, upon our return to Boulder, Paris was struck by ISIS terrorists, leaving 129 dead and 325 injured. We feel very fortunate to have gotten out of Paris before the attack and travel turmoil. Since we had just been in Paris and had such a wonderful time in cafes and sightseeing we couldn’t imagine what that attack was like for the City of Paris and France as a whole. Our hearts go out to all of the people there.

We were particularly excited about our upcoming boat trip to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary on the 6th of November. We had never been on a riverboat cruise so we were really looking forward to the new experience. Richard’s birthday was on the 1st of November so we would also be celebrating his special day

Celebrating 50th Wedding Anniversary and Richard's 74th Birthdat

Kay Winburn Seale & Richard Seale Celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary and Richard’s 74th Birthday – November 1, 2015

10/24/2015, Saturday – Day 1 of our trip (allowing for time and date changes.

Stephanie picked us up at 8:00 a.m. for our drive to DIA. We arrived at 9:00 and were on the 12:52 p.m. flight to Chicago. We arrived in Chicago at 4:15 p.m. and then headed to Brussels, Belgium at 8:20 p.m. We arrived in Brussels on Sunday, October 25, at 8:30 a.m. We departed for Prague at 4:35 p.m. and arrived in Prague at 5:55 p.m. All in all, our trip took 20 hours and 30 minutes which includes getting up at 6:30 a.m. in Boulder, driving to the airport and all of the connections between Chicago and Belgium.

10/25/2015, Sunday – Day 2 of our trip and Pre-Extension, Czech Republic

 Welcome to the Czech Republic and its magic capital, Prague. When we arrived in Prague, Czech Republic we checked into the Intercontinental – Prague hotel for a wonderful two nights and three days stay. Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and is known as the historical “city of a hundred spires”.

Since this was our second visit to Prague we had ideas of exactly where we wanted to visit as well as just randomly enjoying our surroundings, with its restaurants, cafes, and monuments. The legendary Charles Bridge was a must see as we ventured into the Old Town Square and the historic city which includes the Astronomical clock. The food, wine, and beer were delicious.

Many buildings have been restored since World War II and it is a very modern city. WW II brought many suffering Jews to Czechoslovakia and, sadly about 70% of the Jews became victims of the Holocaust. The Czech Republic broke with communism in 1989 to establish a new economy.

Prague has become a major tourism site since and businesses are thriving.

To read more of Kay’s travelogue, click here: 50th Anniv. River Boat Cruise.

Lenore Plummer (Rishel)

Our extremely talented and super-fit classmate, Lenore Plummer (Rishel), leads a very busy and active life. Not only is she a professional singer, but she’s also a licensed real estate broker, a general contractor, a competitive tennis player and a cocktail lounge manager.

Lenore has been singing with Paul Stevenson and Robbie Robinson at Ichabods in Las Vegas for about 2 1/2 years. Robbie was in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice and “is a great talent and even greater inspiration,” Lenore said.

IMG_0063PHOTORobbie&Lenore (1)
Lenore Plummer Rishel with Robbie Robinson

If music is her first love, tennis runs a close second. She is in three USTA leagues and plans to compete in Boise at Sectionals in October.

Since her mom passed away about a year ago, Lenore has been running her cocktail lounge in Yucca Valley, California. She currently splits her time between her home in Henderson, Nevada and one in Yucca Valley.

Not one to let the grass grow under her feet, Lenore is a licensed real estate broker in both Nevada and California and is a general contractor in California. She just listed a property in San Diego with a harbor view and it’s now in escrow. Her sons and grandsons live in San Diego, which makes doing business there even more enjoyable.

“Seems like I have to hurry up and do all the things I love… as time is moving on! I’m sure we all know that feeling,”  Lenore said. She’s still trying to decide where to live, but for now, she’s content living in two places.